Like the name says, this program can view 3ds files. It can also view 3ds animations. The right click menu will give you access to options like viewing the scene from a camera in the 3ds file, wireframe and point rendering and changing the shading mode. The program can load .bmp and .tga, but only if they are in the same directory as the 3ds file.


SHIFT+W rotate up
SHIFT+A rotate left
SHIFT+S rotate down
SHIFT+D rotate right
SHIFT+Z zoom in
SHIFT+X zoom out


3ds viewer source code

This is the source code to a 3ds-viewing program. In it you'll see how I used lib3ds to load 3ds files. No GPL or any other kind of licenses on my code, i.e. you can do what ever you want with my source code(lib3ds is under the LGPL licenses). Beware I haven't gone thought and cleaned up the code so just be aware, you might see some ugly, unoptimized code, etc. The program was written in C++ using Borland Builder 5.